Helios Warriors Announces Adopt-a-Veteran Program


Helios Warriors is an innovative nonprofit, created to help veterans heal from the traumas of military service through holistic therapies. Many of our veterans struggle with disabilities, PTSD, intense physical pain, and emotional distress, making it difficult for them to be in relationships, hold jobs, or make incomes above poverty level. Many veterans experience feelings of despair and depression. Over 22 veterans each day commit suicide rather than face an uncertain future without hope.

Helios Warriors provides an alternative. A safety net for veterans. Our therapies provide relief for both physical and emotional pain. We make it affordable, offering low cost care.  No veteran is ever turned away for inability to pay. We give them a sense of community, a safe place where they can connect with other veterans. A place they feel loved and appreciated…every time they walk in the door.

Help us inspire hope, and bring peace, comfort and healing to our veterans.

Adopt a Veteran with an ongoing monthly contribution:

$50 per month provides up to 2 sessions each month for 1 veteran for a year.

$100 per month provides up to 4 sessions each month for 1 veteran for a year.

$200 per month provides up to 4 sessions each month for 2 veterans for a year.

In return for your support, you’ll receive:

A Certificate of Participation in our Adopt-a-Veteran Program to proudly display in your home or business

Recognition of your support at the Helios Warriors office, on our website, and in our e-newsletter

An update on your veteran’s progress once a quarter

A personal note from your veteran once a quarter

Plus, you’ll enjoy the reward of serving those who have served our country, enriching their lives in positive ways, and healing our community for generations to come.

Please contact our Executive Director, Marsha Bennett, at 828-424-4126 or to adopt a veteran today.

Thank you for your interest in Serving our Veterans!

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